The Sent Ones Banner5 A
The Sent Ones
Destroy Your Distractions
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
An Unwavering Faith
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
Being Victorious People
02 Living In The Press Banner IG Banner
Living In The Press
Fragile Jars
Fragile Jars of Clay
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
Pivotal Paradigms for Nation Transformation
Bad things
Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People
Treasure The Keys Banner
Treasure the Keys
Fathers invitation
A Father's Invitation (The Journey of Intimacy)
Deeper and Higher
Deeper and Higher
Raise your hunger
Raise Your Hunger
Halfway house
The Halfway House
Power Vacuum
The Power Vacuum
Practice Tiphani
Practice The Presence
Eph Mansseh
The Blessing of Ephraim & Manasseh
God in chaos B
God In The Chaos
Leaning on the Father 2
Leaning On The Father
Back to life 2
Back To Life
Sunday is Coming
Sunday Is Coming
Faint but Pursuing
Faint, Yet Pursuing
Look to the Son 2
Look To The Son
O4 B main
Do Business Until I Come | Open for Business DAY 2
Bridging the Funding Gaps for Women | Open for Business DAY 1
The Tech Economy and Wealth Creation | Open for Business DAY 1
Positive Economic Outlook & Start-ups | Open for Business DAY 1
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
Step Out In Faith
High Call new
High Call
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
Embrace Your Preparation
Dont waste a moment
Don't Waste A Moment
Living Alignment
Living In Alignment
Heavens above
The Heavens Above & The Earth Beneath
The Attack Of Compromise
The Attack of Compromise
Such A Time As This 2
A Time Such As This
Come out of Hiding 2
Come Out Of Hiding
The Zeal of the Lord new
The Zeal of the Lord
Overcome IG Banner edited 3
Overcome: A Crossover Prayer Concert (III)
Overcome IG Banner edited 3
Overcome: A Crossover Prayer Concert (II)
Overcome IG Banner edited 3
Overcome: A Crossover Prayer Concert (I)
Thrill hope new
A Thrill of Hope (Christmas Service)
Hear word new
Hear Word
Fan flames
Fan Into Flames
Babel to Zion
Babel To Zion
Dew on Hermon
Like Dew On Hermon
Past Isi
Recover the Ancient Gates (Part II)
Past Eva
Unlearn & Relearn (Part II)
Past Nigel
The Road Less Travelled (Part II)
Word Conf 2
To The Ends of the Earth
Past Isi
Recover the Ancient Gates (Part I)
Past Eva
Unlearn & Relearn (Part I)
Past Nigel
The Road Less Travelled (Part I)
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
Consistency and Constancy
A perfect offering
A Perfect Offering (Thanksgiving Service)
Guilt and Shame
Rid of Guilt and Shame
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
Timely Questions That Matter
Into the Deep
Into The Deep (A prayer concert)
Receiving the kingdom
Receiving The Kingdom
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
Lively Stones (Arise, Revival is Here)
Build an Altar
Build An Altar
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
What Is God Doing?
When he is revealed cut
When He Is Revealed, We Shall Be Like Him
Perilous times
Living in Perilous Times
Jesus is coming
Jesus Is Coming
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
The Call of God
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
Throne of grace
The Throne of Grace
Rise and Sing
Rise and Sing
Go in authority
Go In This Authority
Let me wash your feet 02
Let Me Wash Your Feet (Jesus)
He restores my soul 03
He Restores My Soul (A Communion Service)
Remnant season
The Remnant Season
Transfiguration: Changed Before Their Eyes
Navigate 2
NAVIGATE: An Anniversary Service
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
When You Don't Know What To Do
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
Identity: Who are You?
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
What is Written About You
Infinite power
Infinite Power
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
The Kingdom That Belongs to God's People
Vessel of honor
God's Vessel of Honor
Open doors
God Has Opened a Door In Front of You
TDTL Day 4
The Day Of The Lord (DAY 4)
TDTL Day 2
The Day Of The Lord (Day 2)
TDTL Day 2
The Day Of The Lord (Day 2)
TDTL Day 1
The Day Of The Lord (Day 1)
TDTL Day 1
The Day Of The Lord (Day 1)
From death to life
Passed From Death To Life
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
The Posture Of A Builder
God holds it together
A God Who Holds It All Together
Breaking of bread
A Communion Service
Earnest seeker
The Earnest Seeker
Love and marriage
Love & Marriage
Burning Ones
The Burning Ones
She loved so much
She Loved So Much
Divine Nature
Divine Nature
Eternity Living
Eternity Living
Thanksgiving: A Song in my Heart
Very first day
The Very First Day
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
Where Is Your Worship?
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
The Cross = Power
God why
God WHY?
Relentless faith
Relentless Pursuit of Faith
Trust and obey
Trust and Obey
Occupy city
Occupy The City
Redeeming creation
Redeeming Creation (part 2)
Redeeming creation
Redeeming Creation (part 1)
Role call
Role Call
The calling
The Calling
Heavenly perspective
Heavenly Perspective
New truths
New Truths
Family Nation
The Family & The Nation
Refuel pix
Benevolent king
Benevolent King
Ecclesia Hills Revival 05
Promise of peace2
The Promise of Peace
Four horsemen
The Four Horsemen
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
Return to me
Return to Me & I Will Return to You
Step into the Water 02
Step Into The Water
Founded on seas 2
Founded On The Seas
Right frequency
The Right Frequency
No Other Gods 01
No Other gods
Never lose your soul
Never Lose Your Soul
Walk with me
Walk With Me
Ark To The Altar
From The Ark To The Altar
Power of hope3
The Power Of Hope
Restore earth
Restoring The Earth
The cross
The Power of The Cross
Harvest image
Lord Of The Harvest
Turning tide2
Turning The Tide
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
Stay In The Ark
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
Never Lose Your Wonder
Zeal with knowledge
Zeal With Knowledge
Moment of epiphany
The Moment of Epiphany
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
New is the New Normal
Wait Pmo
Ecclesia Hills One Thing Is Necessary 02
One Thing Is Necessary
Heavens report
Heaven's Report
Move forward
Move Forward
Crossover passover
Crossover Passover
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
The End
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
Here Now
Time lag
The Time Lag
Tracking inertia
Tracking Inertia
Change the way you think
Change The Way You Think
God is light
God Is Light
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
True Circumcision
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
The Father's Love
Move of God img
The Move of God
Figs dont blossom
Though Figs Don't Blossom
PHOTO 2019 10 11 21 23 33
Love That Redeems
Governmental prayers
Governmental Prayers
Changing the world
Changing the World: one person at a time
Tongues of fire
Tongues of Fire
Heart cry
The Heart Cry
Filter the noise
Filter The Noise
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
Make Room for Greater Things
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
Master Plan
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
The Prophetic Process
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
The Brook, the Widow & the Prophet
The Legend of King Lemuel
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
The Presence of God
Tiny ant
Tale of a Tiny Ant
More than money
More than Money in the Bank
Nothing too difficult
Nothing Too Difficult
Free will
Free Will: Choose life
Ecclesia Hills Sharing Everything 02
The Early Church: Sharing Everything
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
Diplomats From Babylon
Purpose Propels
Anointed Flyer
Anointed: The Testimony & Worship Conference (Day 2)
Anointed Flyer
Anointed: The Testimony & Worship Conference (Day 1)
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
A Place To Belong
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
A Journey into the Father's Heart
Pure Love
Consider It Pure Love
Beyond Ideas
Beyond Your Ideas & Opinions
No Accusation
No Accusation. No Condemnation
Adam To Christ
From Adam to Christ
Eliminating Guilt
Eliminating Guilt
Torrent (Retreat)
The Harlot and the Adulterer
Room At The Table
Mending The Broken
Whatsapp Image 2019 03 01 At 8 09 37 Pm
All About Jesus
Whatsapp Image 2019 02 21 At 8 58 58 Pm
Tracking The Lost Art
The Shipwreck and the Serpent
Whatsapp Image 2019 02 01 At 1 43 10 Pm
Dethrone Diana
Roman Centurion
The Roman Centurion
Something To Live For
Something To Live For
Miracles, Signs and Wonders
Cloven Fire
The Day of Cloven Fire
Crossover 2019
Crossing Jordan
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
Your Word is Truth
History Maker
The History Maker
Thanksgiving Heart
A Heart of Thanksgiving
Radical Pursuit
The Radical Pursuit of God
Stairway To The Sky
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Made Clean
Ecclesia Hills Hidden In Plain Sight 03
Hidden in Plain Sight
Closet Follower
The Closet Follower
The Rising Tide 04
The Rising Tide
Discerning The Voice
Discerning The Voice of God
Ecclesia Hills Start Over with Chris Delva
Start Over
Ecclesia Hills Doing Life 06
Doing Life
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
Harsh Words
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
The Sent One
Ecclesia Hills Album Art
Rebuilding Families