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The Hills is a community of worshippers, overflowing with love and building God’s family

God is love and love is the core of our mission and all we do at The Hills. From our services to our outreach activities, we hope everyone in this city who encounters us will experience the unwavering love of God.

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We are passionate about worship as an expression of our love for God. True worship happens in our hearts - in spirit and in truth. It is from this depth that our lips utter words, our hands are raised, and our music plays. We are united by worship and our faith in Christ Jesus and this is expressed when we gather to pray, sing and shout in Joy.

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We love our city – Lagos and we believe we are called by God to serve her. With a population of over 21million, Lagos is Africa’s largest city, but while there is a lot of wealth in Lagos, a considerable amount still live in lack. In line with God’s plan, we are passionate about bringing joy to lots of hearts yearning for God’s love and to care for those in need.

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Our Beliefs

We believe in God as a Triune, that man is created in his image and in the hope of salvation through Christ's death and resurrection.