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The Perfect Picture

Feb 5, 2023   |   Apostle Dr. Pearl Kupe

We have this image within us. Of how things should go

How things would look

A million little things - the graduation.. the relocation.. the job.. the big break .. the wedding.. the kids...Even the retirement

This is how we see our bigger picture. Predicting the times and planning the seasons like we own them

Our vision is so pristine. Maybe not in another world. Maybe not in another time. Why not right here and now

All we dream is perfection. No defects, no flaws.

This is the ideal. This is "The Perfect Picture"

Can we really bet on dreams? Doesn't the end of reality - or its beginning - have an author : Abba owns this masterpiece

When we look to our Perfect God. Leaning in and seeking His leading. We can trust He originated our script. Even before man was formed

He makes things perfect in His time, in His way