Small Groups

Everyone has a call of God. You have a call too. To maximize this calling, you have to pick on this mandate of God and start pursuing it actively. As a Church, The Hills is providing opportunities and platforms for groups to meet outside of Church to pursue these purposes that extend the kingdom of God in every sphere of human existence.

God is certainly calling us to more than sitting in Church on Sundays and if you are inspired to do more, you may find a commonplace of connection, prayer, training and commissioning in one of our Small Group Projects:


The Justice Project

For Lawyers, Paralegals, Rights Activists and politicians

  • Prison Visit and Prayer
  • Legal representation for awaiting trial cases
  • The Fall: Earth, Heaven, Hell
  • Security advocacy and Justice issues
  • Identity: Learning, Embracing, Sharing
  • Civic Duties: Elections, voting, political calendar
  • Conferences, Seminars, Awareness Events
  • Newspapers and Magazines

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Touch The World >> Charities

Charitable, Philanthropists, Development and Impact-interested individuals

  • Massey Children’s Hospital in Lagos Island is The Hills official adopted Charity. We will work with the Hospital authorities to find out their needs and support them to cater for and improve the quality of life of the little patients.
  • Destiny Trust Foundation is also an adopted Charity, their great work in their Children Home and education project will have our support.
  • Law School Welcome Program: Every year, over 1,100 new students are received into the Nigerian Council for Legal Education’s Law School in Victoria Island. We want to be their hosts, to welcome, engage and support as God gives us the ability.
  • Federal College of Oceanography and Marine Research: This centre of learning in VI will have our Pastoral support and we want to connect to the students, lecturers to work with them in counselling, sharing and encouragement.

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Business Connections

Entrepreneurs, Senior Executives, Professionals, Decision-makers

  • Provide encouragement, support and inspiration
  • Empowerment and tasks challenge
  • Networking and business opportunities forum
  • Business upgrade bootcamps
  • Business Mentoring and Coaching Programs
  • Topical Economic Events & Collaboration
  • New Economy: Digital, Impact investing, New trade
  • Business Idea Foundries

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