Marriage Ceremony

Kindly note that all information shared is confidential

  • Key Requirements
  • Bride
  • Groom
  • Wedding Information
Section 1

Key Requirements

All intending couples are required to the following requirements:
  • Both the bride and groom to be must have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour
  • Either of the of the couple must be a member of Ecclesia Hills
  • The church should be notified at least 3 months to the intended wedding date
  • The couple must have completed 6 pre-marriage classes with an Ecclesia Hills marriage counsellor, who will act as the marriage advisor to the couple
  • Parental consent is required (or a reasonable explanation when not available)
  • Couples are required to carry out a comprehensive medical test to ensure compatibility. The tests should also be carried out for STIs and genotype
  • Couples are also required to be honest by disclosing any terminal illnesses that could impact on the marriage
  • Provide 2 Passport photos each for the intending bride and groom
  • An admin fee of NGN 50,000 that will cover documentation, planning and the wedding service management will need to be paid
  • The intending couple must visit the Marriage registry to fill the Intent to Marry form. This must be done at least 21 days before the couple’s intended wedding date. The marriage will only go ahead after it has been posted and there no objections to the marriage
  • After 21 days the registry will provide the triplicate copy of the Wedding Certificate (Form E) and a duplicate copy of the Marriage Register (Form F) while will then be presented to Ecclesia Hills prior to the marriage ceremony where all copies of the certificate will be signed.
  • Each copy of the wedding certificate will be retained by Ecclesia Hills, the couple and the registry
  • White Weddings and Traditional Marriage cannot be held on the same day as experience show the couple are always handicapped to activity and tradition to track time.
  • Strict time compliance is of essence and Weddings may be abandoned where couples are over one hour late.
  • Time Caution deposit of N25, 000 is charged to intending couples. If Couples keep to time this amount is refunded in full. This buys only a maximum of 45 minutes as the preference is for couples to arrive on time